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      Kuala lumpur is a land of different traditional massage and treatments. The growing number of visitors in kuala lumpur are searching to feel the bliss of massage from different tradition and culture. The growing business made a big crowd, masking some of the authentic traditional massage centers. Infact the visitors get confused as to select a better center.

     Kerala Ayurvedic Lifestyle, provide the most authentic ayurvedic traditional  massages and therapies here in kuala lumpur, since last 8years.

      This traditional massage is usually called as Abhyangam. Normally done with oils, prepared from specific herbs. Each oil serves each purpose.

The benefits of doing Abhyanga daily is explained in Ashtanga Hrudaya (an authentic book of Ayurveda) by great acharya vagbhata in dinacharya chapter. Dina = daily, charya = activity to be followed. This chapter explains everything one have to follow in a day to stay healthy. The benefits of doing abhyanga daily is explained as:

(1) Abhyangamacharet nityam sa jaraasrama vata:

(2) Drushti prasaada pushtyayu susvapna thwak dartyakrut (A. H. Su)

It means that doing abhyanga(oil massage) daily will be highly benefitial for old aged people and people who work hard, or got tired by heavy exercise. It improves vision and skin texture, also gives healthy body and healthy life. Ayurvedic massage is mainly done with oil specific for each condition. Mainly help to control vata kopa.

How does abhyanga works?

        While doing abhyanga the oil selected needs to be warmed indirectly in fire. And then it is applied on body and massaged in proper direction with uniform energy. The warm oil increases the blood circulation and helps in dilation of micro channels of skin. Thus applied oil enter the body through micro channels of skin, called srotas. Through which the active ingredients of oil reach desired area. There is another school of thought that, apart from absorption, when the external procedure is done continuously, the body will  create a similar change with in the body which results in reduction of the aggravated vata in guna and karma. In both way, Ayurvedic oil massage do wonders.

Importance of ayurvedic oil massage in Pain.

       According to Ayurveda, ruja /pain is caused by vata. In case of injury, there will be structural damage of body tissue also. It cause swelling or inflammation. If proper treatment is not given initially, it causes, weakness of the injured tissue. And cause chronic pain, functional defect of the area etc. Ayurveda massage and kizhi will reduces the vata dosha, and strengthen the injured tissue completely there by prevents the future onset of chronic pain.

Ayurvedic traditional massage oil

Almost all Ayurvedic massage oils are herbal. They contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant herbs such as:

(1) Rasna Pluchea lanceolata

(2) Bala Sida cordifolia

(3) Yashtimadhu Licorice

(4) Dasamoola Group of 10 herbs

(5) Ela Cardamom etc..

      The preparation involve herbal decoction made out of dry drugs, paste form of wet and fresh herbs, they are added together with oil in proper quantity. This is further boiled until properly cocked. These herbs are also useful in – regeneration of tendons and ligaments, reduce muscle tissue scar, accelerate the process of healing. Few examples of ayurvedic massage oils are – Mahanarayana Tailam, murivenna, Pinda Tailam etc.

Time for regular massage

     Normally a full body massage will take 60minutes. If we do massage partially for a local area, say half body, foot, head etc will take 30 minutes.

Importance of heating therapy after oil massage

       Ayurveda always emphasis on snehana followed by swedana in all vata conditions. Swedana is a method of inducing sweat through heating. There are different techniques for heating. Like – steam bath, ila kizhi (bolus of leafs), podi kizhi (bolus of herbal powder), Taila dhaara (warm oil pouring) etc. This heating procedure after oil massage will increase the absorption rate of oil applied, and reduces the impact of vata.

Options for doing oil massage

As so far we discussed it is clear that the more continuous you do oil massage the more benefit you get. You can do monthly 1 week oil massage in ayurvedic centers. You can also do weekend massage regularly, by tacking a package or booking daily. If that is not possible you can still buy a package and use monthly once, when you are free. Remaining days you can do the oil massage by your self.

Important areas of self massage

      Collect suitable oil from ayurvedic center after discussing with doctor. Warm the oil before applying. And apply all over the body and gently rub with your palm. Best if you can do it for 30 min. If you don’t have enough time. Better to apply on certain important area like –

(1) Joints- apply gently in rotatory motion to all joints.

(2) Ears – Gently apply oil on ears with fingers on pinna and ear canal.

(3) Forehead – Apply oil gently on forehead.

(4) Low back – gently massage low back with both hands from center towards side.

(5) Foot – massage heel, fingers and sole with pressure.

Other Massage therapies

Other therapies includes Ela kizhi therapy, podi kizhi therapy, kati vasti etc. These are done along with oil massage, or individually. Beneficial for different ailments. Additional therapies which can be used along with ayurvedic massage, includes the Yoga, which is a disciplined postural correction to prevent from chronic pains.

(1) Pranayama – controlled breathing exercise, to increase oxygen supply to all body cells and improve general condition of body.

(2) Vyayama – regular exercise to strengthen the body. Sound sleep.

All these are needed to stay healthy as health is the most valuable wealth.


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