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Thailadhara – Oil dripping*

Thailadhara is extensively used in the cure of sleeplessness, chronic sinusitis, epilepsy, psoriasis, migraine, cerebrovascular, neurological diseases etc. It is often used as a sleep therapy. 

The warm herbal oils sooth the hypothalamus making your feel mentally relaxed. The warm oils are thought to regulate the function of brain region that are responsible for regulating the emotions. Shirodhara improves blood circulation and reduces agitation

A vessel with a hole in the bottom is used to pour medicated lukewarm oil on the scalp and forehead continuously for 45 to 60 minutes and It is repeated for 7 to 14 days.
This therapy is effective in maintaining the equilibrium of body & mind.
It improves the memory power, improves the clarity of the voice and provides relief from all types of stress and strain.


*Treatment may vary according to the type of condition faced by the individuals. Contact Us  to consult our physician to get the best treatment recommendation.

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