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Shirovasti – Oil retaining*

Shirovasti is an ayurvedic theraphy or procedure in which outer area of head is covered by a leather cap keeping hollow inside to put oil in it for a certain period in such a way that oil should not be leaked out. Shiro means head and Vasti means container that holding liquids. Therefore, Shirovasti means holding oil on the head for a specific period of time with use of cap fitted on the head in such a way that oil does leak out. Shirovasti is used for the treatment of diseases concerned to the head, brain and neurological diseases such as migraine, chronic also beneficial for lowering stress and building immunity agains psychosomalic diseases. Shirovasti is categorized in ayurveda as external Snehana (Oil is used) or external oil application to treat an ailment. It is a panchakarma, a Sub-branch of ayurvedic internal medicine.

Indications of Shirovatsi

• Headache mild to severe

• Migraine headache

• Anxiety Hypertension or high blood pressure

• Travel stress

• Insomnia

• Facial Paralysis

• Nostril dryness

• Optic Atrophy

• Deafness

• BurningSensation of scalp

• Insanity

Benefit of Shirovasti

1. Alleviates pain

2. Sleep and calms the mind

3. Anxiety disorder or depression

4. It nourishes the hair roots and makes the hair soft and glossy

5. Balances the vata and kapha in the brain in between the brain and skull.

6. Stimulates the marma point in the head acting like acupressure points by its pressure effect


*Treatment may vary according to the type of condition faced by the individuals. Consult our physician to get the best treatment recommendation. Contact us today for free consultation.

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