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Navarakizhi – Nourishing Poultice*

This is one of the most popular therapies used for the purpose of body rejuvenation. Here a special type of rice called “Navara” is used for massaging which is cooked with a mixture of “Sida cordifolia” decoction and cows milk. the Bolus bag containing medicated rice is dipped in the mixture containing decotion and cow’s milk and made warm. It is then gently messaged on the body till all the medicated rice is appied over the body. This message can also be done for the whole body as well as locally.

Benefit of Navarakizhi

    • Give softness to the body by improving the health of the skin

• Improve blood supply by cleansing the channels of circulation

• Remove metabolic waste

• Promote digestion

• Restores vigor

• Endows sound sleep

• Makes the body strong and sturdy with well developed musculatures

• Nourishes the body and increases immunity

• Promotes sharpness of vision and functions of other sense organs

• Effective in curing diseases of the nervous system and others such as chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, emocialion of muscles, numbness and diseases caused by vitiation of blood.

• Slows down aging, Premature greying of hair, baldness appearance of wrinkles over the body and other ailments caused by aging.



*Treatment may vary according to the type of condition faced by the individuals. Contact us to consult our physician for the best treatment recommendation.

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