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Herbal Facial / Mukhalepam*

Mukhalepam can be defined as an Ayurvedic facial therapy. It includes an ayurvedic herbal scrub  followed by oil massage,steam  and  an application of a freshly prepared face pack. It prevents skin from  damaging and it rejuvenate the skin .

In Sanskrit “Mukham” means face and “ lepanam” means an application of a paste. In these we are using  different types of herbs,  oils, ghee, juices of plants, fruits, decoction etc in face pack. The important benefit of mukha lepanam is it is done by using complete herbals products and its chemical free. The paste helps to nourish the skin and clean the skin and it give skin a soft and clear look. It is a therapy in which the face is treated properly with steam and  the herbal  face pack

It contains the application of freshly ready facial pastes and removing them off after 25-30mnts minutes.. The herbal paste combination  is chosen after detailes checking of the skin type of the person

Benefit of Herbal Facial

Mukhalepam is a best therapy skin beauty problems. Ayurvedic Herbal Facial  detoxifies an rejuvenates the skin.It is very effective in  for Mukha Dooshika (Pimples) ,dull skin etc. Other benefits are;

  • Prevents wrinkles and tones the skin
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • It is helpful for removing the wrinkles
  • Relieve skin lesions
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Reduces discoloration of facial skin
  • Gives healthy skin without using any chemicals
  • It gives permanent bright texture
  • It rejuvenates the skin
  • Smoothens the skin
  • Gives clear and bright skin
  • Its having anti aging property


The duration of this therapy is 45minutes to 1hour.Mukha lepanam can be done weekly once for normal skin persons.It is done by starting a herbal face scrub followed by an ayurvedic face massage.It includes scrubbing, massaging, steaming and facial done in different steps.The medicines using for herbal facial will be different in each persons based on the kind of skin.


We also provide other type of facials such as Navara Facial and many more.

*Treatment may vary according to the type of condition faced by the individuals. Consult our physician to get the best treatment recommendation. Consult us today!

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